Log-in using the Sign-in section in the upper right-hand corner.  Then follow the step-by-step given.  Each individual exhibitor or Family farm must create their own account. Passwords are not saved.  New ones must be created each year.  
 Cost to enter is $1/entry OR an annual supporting membership in the Ag Society that includes unlimited free entries.  There are three types of membership:  Special Living Individuals - $2 (nursing home & group home residents), Single - $3,  and Family (husband/wife; parents/guardian and children 18 and under) - $5  Family farms must register with a Family membership should you decide to show under the farm's name.  The exhibitor number will be under the Family farm and any premium checks awarded will be made out to the farm.  Should members of the Farm family wish to enter under their own name, they must have their own separate exhibitor number.  However, if they meet the criteria for a Family membership, the membership number of the Family Farm may be used with no additional cost; if not, they can purchase a single membership or pay the $1.00/ entry fee for non-members.
Once you have submitted your entries, you cannot make any changes.  Should you discover an entry that requires a deletion, just e-mail us at aitkinctyfair@gmail.com  and explain the problem and it will be taken care of.   Additional entries, however, can be added by you to your account on-line.       
An exhibitor may enter as many Divisions/Classes (up to 30 classes on-line) as he wishes. If you have more, please enter the rest by using the e-mail option.  Only one (1) item per class allowed.  (A set or group is considered one item). Rabbits and Poultry departments are the exception to this rule.
Absolutely no exhibits except for Open-Class Beef and Dairy, may be removed from the fairgrounds before 5 PM on the last day of the fair or all premiums or ribbons will be forfeited.  Open-Class beef and dairy which will be released at 5 PM on Friday to allow for the roll-over for cattle coming in for Saturday's CMCA 4-H Beef Show.
All on-line entering will close on July 1 at 11:00 pm.  
An artisan/craftsman division has been created in some of the Activities areas for those who fall in between the amateur and a professional who makes a livelihood in an activity often engaged in by an amateur.